Conscious Car Care

We are the old school honest mechanic you have been missing. We don't sit behind a desk with service writers and dealership appointments. The Mechanical Monk gets our moniker from the vows our owner Phil has taken. Bring your car or truck to us for all your service and repair needs.  

We love Subarus, but we would be just as happy to see your car.

Services The Mechanical Monk Way

Regular Maintenance

Your car is like an old friend you have to check up on every so often. We can do the routine stuff at the manufacturer recommended intervals or at those milestones set by you. You remember your friend's birthdays, make sure your car has a little party every so often as well.


Ugh!  Needing to have your car repaired can be unsettling.  The anxiety of not knowing how long you will be without your ride can really turn your day upside down.  We get that.  Conscious Car Care means being aware of the repair blues car owners go through.  The Mechanical Monk understands just how to respond to your specific situation to quickly get you back on the road of life.

Pre-buy Check

We are so excited with you. Shopping for a car gets us tingly as well. Bring us the used car you are thinking of buying and we will give it a thorough once over. We will tell if the car is monk worthy for a flat rate. We will also tell you if its a cool car or not for free.

Consult the Monk

If it rolls on four wheels we can service it.  

Phone: (303) 775-1235

45 S Main Street
Longmont, CO 80501

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